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Are you a teacher interested in developing
volunteer opportunities for your students? 

Are you a parent who wants to teach your children
about the importance of serving the community?  

Service in Schools is an excellent way to connect your students with volunteering and social services when direct service is not possible. It is also a chance to partner with Catholic Charities to start students’ life-long volunteering.  Catholic Charities offers a variety of volunteering activities that will help students to learn the importance of paying it forward.  

STEP ONE: Download our intro packet to get started.  

Each packet contains the following: 

1. Overview information:

  • Steps

  • Q&A

  • Project Plan

  • Timeline

2. Project Catalog

3. Project Agreement

For Teachers:
Download the Intro Packet for Teachers
Download the Project Catalog
Photo Release Form                                                                                     
 See one student in action! 

For Parents:

Download the Intro Packet for Parents/Students
Download the Project Catalog

Photo Release Form

Project Guides:

​Project #1         Project #10
Project #2         ​Project #11
​Project #3         ​Project #12

​Project #4         ​Project #13

​Project #5         ​Project #14

​Project #6         Project #15

​Project #7         ​Project #16

​Project #8

​Project #9

STEP TWO: View our handy resources to help you along the way:

Learn about our Catholic Charities Agencies & Programs

  1. Unaccompanied Minors Article: What happens to children who cross the border alone?

  2. Refugee Resettlement Video: Welcoming Refugees  Article: Refugee Olympic Team

  3. Part of the Solution (POTS)

  4. Casita Maria

  5. Beacon of Hope

  6. Senior Centers

  7. Pregnancy Care Center

  8. Newburgh Ministries

  9. New Hope Manor

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