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Agency Dream Project Request Form

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Hello and welcome to the Volunteer Services Support Portal. If you represent one of the Agencies in the Catholic Charities Federation, you are eligible to submit a request for a Dream Project!

We know your agency may have certain “dream projects” that just haven't been catered to for multiple reasons. Perhaps it’s building a community garden, organizing the holiday closet or pantry, creating a donation room, writing greeting cards to seniors, deep cleaning a kitchen for cooking classes, or repainting a common space. Your projects are impactful and beneficial to the people we serve within CCNY.

The Volunteer Services team curates meaningful service opportunities for corporate, academic, and other community groups on a regular basis. We’d love to have your “dream project” on file in order to potentially match you with an eager crew of volunteers. Please indicate the project’s urgency below, and we will try our best to match you with the next available group.

Please fill out the details below, and a volunteer coordinator will be following up shortly!

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Include as many details as possible. Who will this service? What will the dream project accomplish? What will volunteers be expected to do?

Are you open to repeating this group service project in the future?

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