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Volunteer Services Support Portal - Request a Volunteer

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Hello and welcome to the Volunteer Services Support Portal for Catholic Charities of New York and our Federation of Agencies. By filling out the form below, you are requesting

1. a website posting to recruit volunteers for your opportunity and/or

2. a special request for volunteers without a website posting. Whether it is a single day celebration or a mentorship position, our team strives to recruit the right match for your agency’s program!

For short-term opportunities (one-day events or shifts), we typically allow volunteers to sign up for shifts online and then show up for service without an interview.

For long term volunteer positions and unique cases, we find a pool of interested volunteer candidates. Then, you conduct outreach, interviews, and schedule the volunteers yourself. *Volunteer hours may be requested for data tracking* 

Please fill out the details below, and a volunteer coordinator will follow up shortly with the next steps!

Let's Get Started:

This is what volunteers see when browsing our site.

Short term = one time event or recurring shift coverage / Long term = volunteer will help same time every week for a designated period of time

Express an Interest- you will be connected with interested parties before they are confirmed; Date/Time Specific - volunteers will self-select date/time they want to register.

Please provide a number.

Is this an ongoing or long-term volunteer opportunity? Please list rcurring dates and an END DATE for this opportunity (End of year, end of month, etc.).

What are the shift hours? Does your event have more than one shift? EX: 9am to 1pm and 1pm to 5pm

Provide a list of tasks, responsibilities, or activities.

If your volunteer is exposed to sensitive client information or working with children during multiple dates, a background check is required.

You can mention language needs, computer literacy, education, physical capabilities etc.

Will training will be provided by a program coordinator/manager?

We will include this in our posting! Volunteers love to know who you are.

Who is the main point of contact for volunteers?

A Few More Criteria:

Opportunity Address (If the volunteer will help remotely, please type REMOTE in Street section below):

If this is a special event or something you would like documented? We will try our best to market it to our volunteer photographers.

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