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Junior Board Upcoming Events

Midnight Run (Feed the Homeless)

Midnight Run occurs on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. The Midnight Run is a great and casual way to get to know some of the Junior Board's members -- you can ask questions, make new friends, and help needy New Yorkers. And thankfully, the Midnight Run doesn't happen at midnight, nor does it involve running!


Monthly Happy Hours

Members will have a night to unwind, mingle and network once on month. Our young professional mixers will occur on the third Thursday of every month. 


The above events are open to the public. To access the Junior Board Member portal for exclusive events and volunteer opportunities please use the Invitation Code. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Junior Board and want to learn more, please contact Christina Perez at christina.perez@archny.org or read about the Junior Board here.

Junior Board Volunteer Opportunities

To view the current volunteer opportunities for Junior Board, enter an invitation code below:
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