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The border is moving North — all the way to New York.

Please support us in our work with immigrants and refugees as they seek safety at our southern border — and here in New York. When these families come to us, Catholic Charities provides respectful and compassionate help such as legal assistance and other services. Your gift today will help ensure the safety, care and dignity all people deserve.

If you would like to make an offline gift, you may mail your check or credit card information to:

Catholic Charities
Volunteer Services, 11th Floor
1011 First Avenue
New York, NY 10022

For help or additional information, please contact us:


If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, the Catholic Charities city-side and state-wide hotlines are open. The hotline numbers are: Catholic Charities New York State New Americans Hotline: (800) 566-7636; Catholic Charities Action NYC Hotline: (800) 354-0365.

You can get more information on raids here: Know Your Rights!

Que hacer durante un encuentro con ICE/La Migra: ¡Conozca Sus Derechos!

Thursdays (80 Maiden Lane, Manhattan): Weekly Immigration Consultations (Intake Flyer)


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Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York
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