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Helping New Yorkers in need

Key Help for Forgotten Virgin Islands Hurricane Victims

By Alice Kenny. Thu, 22 Mar 2018

We Won’t Forget You

Catholic Charities NY Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan, with checks in hand for victims still recovering from back-to-back Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria that pummeled the U.S. Virgin Islands six months ago, joined a humanitarian mission this month to not only highlight the islanders’ continued struggles but deliver tangible help.

Run in the World’s Biggest Marathon for the World’s Greatest Cause

By Alice Kenny. Wed, 21 Mar 2018

Join Team Catholic Charities NY for the TCS New York City Marathon!

Top 10 Tips to Brace for Tomorrow’s Nor’easter

By Alice Kenny. Tue, 20 Mar 2018

Say It Isn’t So!


Not another snow storm - say it isn’t so! 

  •  4th nor’easter in 3 weeks!
  • Pounding us the day after Spring starts!
  • With 12-18 inches of snow forecast!




The only good news is we have time to prepare.

So get ready.  Get set.  And check out our top 10 tips:

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